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"Real estate will be REdefined after us. Agents should not give away their hard earned money to a broker who doesn't earn it."

Why REdefined

At REdefined you will receive the best training and support in the industry. A company that puts its agents first. Our goal is for every agent to make 100% commission and earn more money for themselves. We offer full support, training and marketing to our agents to go along with 100% commission. Join us today so you can start earning 100% commission.

Why Agents Love REdefined...

Agents love REdefined not only for the 100% commission but all of the support and training they receive with the company. We have some of the industires best technology to help them organize their workflow & database with the ability to market themselves and their business. See some of our agent testimonials and reach out to an agent today to hear first hand why they love REdefined.

100% Commission & Revenue Share

How does a company that allows agents to earn 100% commission create a revenue program that allows the agents to earn a residual income every month? It took some time but we were able to create a model that works for everyone. Reach out to us today and find out how you can start earning 100% commission and residual income from our revenue share program.


100% Commission

Your hard work, your commission. Don't give it away when you can now earn 100% commission. We are REdefining the way real estate agents earn their commissions. the 1st ever company that offers 100% commission with a revenue share program and an office you can work out of.

Residual Income

Earn a residual monthly income with our revenue share program. By helping the company grow you will earn a monthly income every month. You can earn money 3 ways at REdefined, Mentoring, Revenue share and closing your own deals. Join REdefined today and don't limit your income potential.


We use some of the industries best technology companies to go along with our 100% commission models. Our back end systems give you the tools you need to be the best agent possible. industry best CRM, custom template designs, your own e-signature portal, custom listing presentation tailored to you and your client, transaction manager, in house marketing & social media support and much more.


When it comes to training, REdefined does it the best. We train our agents in every aspect of the industry. Sellers, buyers, listing presentations, marketing, lead generating, cold calling and much much more. We go over every inch of the real estate world to prepare you to be the best agent in the industry. Join us today and start learning the REdefined way.


Our mentoring program allows you to earn extra money while taking on newer agents under your wing. By being a company mentor you will be rewarded you will receive a piece of the pie when an agent under you closes a deal. Find out today how you can become a company mentor.
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