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Our Agents Testimonials

Joining a new company can be overwhelming. It is a major decision for your career. There is always a concern when joining a new company. See what our agents say about REdefined to take away any concerns you might have.


David Malkoukian

"I've never seen a company so focused on the agents making money. My 1st week at REdefined I was able to go into contract on a lead that the company provided me. That deal covered my fee for the year and put money in my pocket and it all came from the company. I am very happy with my decision to join REdefined."


Amy Chow

"It has been a year that I have been working at Redefined Real Estate and I honestly love the company. They are there to help you and assist you when you need it. They have lead generating tools to help you access clients. I make 100% commission and I love it that I can create my own work schedule and have family time. I’m a busy mom of two and I can’t thank Avi enough for opening Redefined and allowing me to be a part of it."


Sophia Yearwood

"REdefined offers me support, marketing and training on every aspect of real estate. Not only am i benefiting with the commission structure but I love the revenue program. Even if there is a month a deal is delayed or doesn't close I am able to receive residual income with the revenue program."


Maria Stasek

"I came to REdefined before it opened. I knew Avi, working with him at his previous company. The passion & belief he has in REdefined will alone make you want to switch to REdefined. But it is the way he cares for his agents that really sets him a part from anyone else. He makes sure the agents are all able to close deals. He sits and trains us one on one and will spend as much time as needed til we are capable of closing deals."


Renata Chechelnitsky

"The training I received at REdefined is the best training I have ever been a part of. My first deal at the company I was able to close a $4 million brownstone and keep 100% of my check which was over $100k. All because of the traning and support at REdefined."


Jonathan Anobian

"I have been a real estate agent for 3 years and multiple companies. I love REdefined Real Estate and the people I work with. Getting 100% commission I am able to use the extra money in marketing myself on top of what the company is able to do for me to to attract more business."