As if 100% Commission wasn't enough

REdefined agents can also earn guaranteed residual income

The Industry's Leading 100% Commission + Revenue Share Compensation Plan

REdefined prides itself as a company that puts its agents first. We believe our agents are the reason the company will continue to grow. So we want to give back to our agents. We believe that just earning 100% commission isn't enough, we want our agents to earn a residual income every month with their help in growing the company. With 3 different ways to earn money, having a residual income every month will only make you love the company that much more.

So, how much can you make?

What you can make depends on you. You can earn an unlimited amount in the revenue share program. You can create your very own residual income plan by helping the company grow. This is 1 of 3 ways for you to earn money at REdefined.

Paid Vacation

Pay for your paid vacation by referring just 2 agents to REdefined.

Car Payment

Get your car payments paid for every month by referring agents with our revenue share program.

Cash To Spend

By referring agents to join REdefined you will create extra residual income. Find out more today by contacting us!!


So, How Does It Work?

You will always meet with and speak with other successful agents in the industry. Letting them know about REdefined Real Estate and the success you are having here can bring extra income into your pocket. For every agent that joins REdefined because of you, you will receive a piece of the monthly fee every month that agent is with the company. The more agents you refer the more you income becomes. Find out more on how our Revenue Share Program works.